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The team at Beagle Evolver bring in over 50 years of combined experience in education; quality enhancement; business and process improvement; data analytics; automation; and software development.

Having worked in the college education sector since the late 1990s we are acutely aware that retention has always been, and continues to be, a key strategic priority. 

Every student who withdraws from an education course represents loss: a loss to their institution; a loss to the future economy and workplace; but above all and most importantly, a loss to the individual. 

We don’t believe that any student signs up for a course with the express goal of dropping out, but unfortunately for some that ends up being the case. 

The Evolver Method can help prevent this.

We support education institutions realise greater income streams; assure greater value for public spending by government and funding agencies; but most importantly we support students to ensure they achieve success and can contribute effectively to the economy and society in the future.

Watch our presentation below to learn more about our work.

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