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Evolver Method – A powerful solution utilising machine learning, continuous improvement and automation

Colleges are full of fantastic staff with a variety of excellent skillsets in teaching, supporting, mentoring, and coaching.


The challenge for colleges, however, is to be able to identify those students most at risk of withdrawing and utilising the skills and strengths of staff to intervene in a positive way. 

We have designed the Evolver Method which:

As part of our package, we offer a tailored approach with support and coaching on continuous improvement which helps staff understand what intervention strategies are working and why, allowing them to gradually evolve over time into a highly developed engagement strategy and methodology.


Uses the latest technology in advanced predictive data analytics and machine learning to identify students most at risk of withdrawing;

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Automates communications to make the process more efficient;

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Captures and collates all information in a simple, intuitive, user-friendly CRM (Client Relationship Management) system.

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