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Introducing Beagle Evolver

Every year students’ drop out of college courses.

In Scotland 22% of students drop out of college courses every year.

Many of these withdrawals are preventable.

At Beagle Evolver we believe that by adapting workflow processes and utilising existing data, a college can generate insight to identify students who are most at risk of withdrawal. Intervention strategies can then be deployed to re-engage the student and set them on a path to success.

Over the last two decades colleges have embraced digitisation of services such as online attendance records, online results, and digital funding systems; and increased the integration of virtual learning environments into the teaching and learning process.

This means that colleges are already gathering significant amounts of data. But it also raises a question – are colleges using this data in the most effective and appropriate way to gain insight, and ensure students who need support are receiving it?

Most colleges do not have a dedicated team with a background in data science or continuous improvement to extract and utilise the data collected.

Beagle Evolver can take care of this for you.

Our bespoke software solution, Evolver, uses multiple data points and the latest predictive analytics and machine learning technology to predict the probability of student withdrawals.

Evolver informs and empowers your employees to intervene with understanding, empathy, compassion and concern, delivering the essential human element of the process. Students are engaged and supported to remain on the course, and achieve a successful outcome for the individual and the college.

Do you want to evolve? Contact us - let's discuss
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